Year: 2019.
Music: Bojan Palikuća

GLANCE is a short, inclusive dance film produced by the Group „Let’s…“ (which has ten years of experience working with people with disabilities in the context of the arts). The film was co-authored by dancers (with and without disabilities), choreographers and directors who thought together about the choreography, the thematic framework and the structure of the film. The film is conceptually set as four intertwined dance lines.

Written and directed by:
Marko Pejović

Tamara Pjević

Ana Ignjatović-Zagorac, Danijel Todorović, Jana Milenković, Nataša Galić, Natascha Schmelz, Stojan Simić

Director of Photography:
Stefan Momirov

Nataša Pavlović

Costume Design:
Boris Čakširan

Associate in production and realization:
Jovana Rakić


Group „Let’s…“


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